Saturday, May 9, 2009

Complete Data Interpretation for the MRCP

A really nice book for Clinicopathology Conference (CPC) question

If you see the trend or format of paper 2 (CPC) there must be 1 or 2 questions interpretation of investigation. Students usually have difficulty in interpret the investigation because they tend to answer, WBC is low, HB is low, Alkaline phosphatase is increase, the creatinine is high, and etc2. This all Klang Standard, and when you reach a final year level, u must master a new interpretation technique! Although this book is for MRCP preparation, but hey that's what a UM medical student been taught right? Preparing for MRCP, not final MBBS, LOLZ.. But nway, this book is quite good and sufficient for all the basic and common investigation that we will see in exams but i have to tell you that the book was badly scan. However, it's still readable. A credit to medicalbooks4everyone blog for sharing this book and i hope you'll benefit it a lot! So start practicing and do a lot, i mean it, a lot of excercise!!

A book of approximately 100 questions based on the interpretation of data from all the commonly used tests in clinical medicine. The questions will be ordered by system and within that by test; for example, the respiratory system questions are based on lung function and flow-volume curves. The book's unique feature is that it will be fully comprehensive, including examples (questions) on all the conditions that can be diagnosed using each particular investigation.

MRCP candidates/junior doctors in training. Also medical students.

Book review: Amazon
Rating: 3 Stars


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If you want download the file illegally download it here.

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i'm sorry.. i cant find the link.. the page says it has been removed.. I'm a final year UM student.. can u please email to me? thanks :)

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nice blog!!i couldt find the link too! can u please email to me? i m a fresh houseman who is having induction course now;)thanks a lot!

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I couldn't find the link as well; can u please email to me? thanks a lot.......


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please email me the book at the earliest. i will really be thankful. i have my exam in 6 weeks.

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It's wonderful of you to share such vital information around. My email's Thank you so much.

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I am a UM medic as well. can you please share with me in thanks :)

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Please send me the book

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please send the book to mee thanks ! :)

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