Friday, May 22, 2009

Medicine and Surgery: An integrated textbook

Medicine and Surgery is a stunning new hybrid textbook that has evolved as a direct response to the increasing integration of the two disciplines of medicine and surgery in today's medical curricula. The advantage of this combined approach is it reduces the amount of reading by the elimination of repetition (and inconsistencies) to provide an integrated explanation of the common problems faced both by students during exams and clinicians in daily practice. This book's greatest asset is the ability to illustrate that medical and surgical treatment options are actually part of a continuum in the management of disease.

User Review :

Lim, Loke and Thomson have certainly pushed the boundaries of textbooks by integrating medicine and surgery but in doing so have created an amazing new breed of book which is extremely user friendly, enables more efficient studying and above all amalgamate the subjects to provide a disease-centric one stop shop clinical guidebook.

The very practical disease centred approach differs from any traditional textbooks in that removes the boundaries created by studying subjects in isolation and integrates all aspects of science, clinical presentation and treatment and care of the condition. Patients don't present with a well categorised -ology so its only fitting that your learn diseases in a rounded and integrated approach working around. All courses especially PBL ones expect students to learn and apply their knowledge in an integrated manner and this textbook certainly addresses this need in my opinion.

For me the main selling point is the extremely student user friendly layout uniformly throughout the book. Some essential features of the layout which I found useful are
- All diseases and systems chapters follow a very clear common pattern progression in their layout complements the colourful icons which mark out titles for aspects like pathology or clinical features or treatment.
- The index is comprehensive
- Systems chapters are colour coded
- Scope of disease- a new feature to textbooks which helps remind you that the disease can present as a secondary complication. It helps with differentials too.

The book is filled with excellent pictures and diagrams which add to the practical nature of the book by displaying instruments etc and nice gory pictures of said diseased.

Overall Medicine and Surgery is an extremely innovative colourful approach to clinical medicine which really helps you to learn around diseases in an integrated and holistic way. It is particularly well laid out, very easy on the eye and makes extracting the information you need easy.

Finally I think this book is extremely good value for money and I think it is unlikely you will find such a comprehensive clinical textbook for such a modest price.

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